shaved head

shaved head
Channelling GI Jane

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Day 7: Round 4 Chemo

Yesterday ended with a movie marathon on the couch. God bless Netflix instant view on my new TV. Erich and I watched 3 movies in a row. My bones ached last night. The back of my head, My neck and lower back bones felt like some one hit me with a sledge hammer. They still ache this morning. I slept in fits and starts. Every hour I woke up to pee and when I came back to bed I was plagued with a racing heart and a super strong heart beat that felt like a bass drum. I laid in bed and slowed my breathing until I fell asleep. I'll ask my doctor about that. Also, I had the craziest, vivid dreams. They came to me like movies and were filled with anxiety, conflict, and running. I had 3 last night. The first was a dream that Erich and I were preparing for the BIG California quake by stocking our travel trailer with goods and parking it at Eileen's building. Somehow it ended with her mom and dad leading me through the tranformation into some Scottish super-powered mystical diety. Crazy stuff. Normally I would chalk a dream like that up to taking my Cymbalta too late at night, but I forgot to take it yesterday. The boys are still at my in-laws and Erich and I continue to relax in the quiet of our home. I woke up with the desire to wite this morning, after so many vivid dreams. I have an idea for a story, a kind of super-heroine tale of a woman who is "changed" after chemo. A sort of "Chemo Girl" if you will...:)

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