shaved head

shaved head
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Friday, October 1, 2010

Day 2: Round 3 Chemo...Half Way Mark

Spent the day at the spa yesterday. The nurses maeveled at how cute my port had become after 3 weeks of healing and reduced swelling. It's still the "alien" to me and my peeps. I read my book, I read trashy mags, I watched a little TV, and I even closed my eyes for a little while. Erich and the boys came up for a look around. I showed the boys the waiting room, the lab, the radiology area, and lastly the chemo room. I didn't take them long to notice the reclining chairs and indiviual TV's. They smiled and agreed that it looked like a nice place to get my medicine. Then my family left for a day at the La Brea Tarpits.

Our vacay in Yosemite was breathtakingly fun. I didn't take too many long hikes; my legs have lost much strength and I was tiring easy. Got overly excited The night before we left at the Willy Nelson concert and had a beer-paid for it dearly. So, again no drinking til I'm done. On another note, I am so touched that my girlfriends; Noele and Eileen will be running in different "raise-money-for-breast/ovarian-cancer" runs. Noele has raised money and enticed some of our other Sassies to join her this Sat., Oct. 2, in Long Beach. I'm so profoundly moved by the support I feel from all my families and friends. As I write this morning, I am wrapped in love and comfort in the most plush full-length robe sent to me by my Aunt's, ex-husband's current wife. As crazy as that may sound it's all love now. Forgiveness is the key to life.

This round I opted to take Ativan (one of my anti-nausea meds) for sleep because the steroids wake me up in the middle of the night for 3 days. Let me tell you, Ativan is a little slice of heaven! And I thought I was a good sleeper already. Whoa! Little side effect...They knock me out so hard that the first night I had an accident and wet the bed. You can imagine my family's surprise when I stripped the bed next morning. Erich wanted to know which kid had an accident and I had to tell him it was me! NO worries...a pair of adult diapers last night and I once again slept like a baby til 5am.

At 10:30 I have my second trip to the spa for more fluids and that damn Neulasta shot. This round I'm packin mega amount of Ibuprophen for pain, Ativan to sleep ( and a night-night- chonie), a 55' TV with Netflix streamed movies, and medical edibles for the next 3 days. BRING IT ON! I have 3 girlfriends bringing my family food and my mommy comin to stay with me. What more does a girl need? I thank God for my life.

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