shaved head

shaved head
Channelling GI Jane

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Day 7: Chemo Round 3

My mother came to stay with us Sunday, Monday, spent the night, and stayed with me Tuesday as well. She helped get the kids to bed and she helped Erich get them off to school. During the days she cooked for me, made sure I drank water, drew hot baths for me, washed my hair, and spent the day massaging my feet, legs, and back. While I slept she did my laundry, she pulled the boys' beds apart and washed everything including the mattress. She even pulled everything out of my very large, very deep, and extremely scary hall cupboard; made me sort through it, throw excess away, and re-organized it so that we could actually see what we had stored in there. By Tuesday I feeling the need to be alone, but I forced myself to stay in the "mothered" moment. It is really hard for me to allow myself to be mothered. In my memory, I wasn't mothered and/or did the mothering. I always say that situations occur for a reason. My mother was a house on fire while she was here. Her presence made me, my kids, and Erich feel more at ease. It was so important for her to mother me and my family, and it was just as important for me to be mothered. Life's lessons always sneaking up to nip you in the ass. Oddly enough, cancer is teaching me about life.:)

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