shaved head

shaved head
Channelling GI Jane

Monday, October 18, 2010

Day 1: Round 4 Chemo

Yeah, round 4 complete. Although the hard part has yet to begin. Spoke to NP about hair growth serum (Nioxin or Rogaine) and Latisse for my eyelashes and eyebrows. She suggested I give my hair a chance on its own and if it isn't growing in nicely in 3-6 months then I could try those medications. I'm already looking ahead to hotness. I feel fine. The oral medication, Mesna, I now take to coat my bladder tastes like hair dye. It's awful, but it does the job. Tomorrow my gal, Stacey, will join me at the spa for my hydration and Neulasta shot just in case I need a ride home. These meds are beginning to affect my head more. That's all for now.

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