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shaved head
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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Tuesday, Jan. 25, 2011

Yesterday was my second check-up with Dr. G. I had the distinction of becoming her second patient (ever) to lose a drain. I didn't really lose it, my body expelled it and I carefully placed it in a baggie and brought it to my appointment. Dr. G was so pleased.:) She left the second drain in because it was still raining fluid out of my tummy and she said it would do the work for the second drain that fell out as well. She was pleased with my healing and she was kind enough to show me how pleased she was by whipping out a pair of scissors and cutting away flesh from my new breasts! And she says it hurts her feelings that I only take a vicodin before I see her anymore. My new breasts were constructed with layers of my tummy skin anticipating that a layer or two would peel off. I slather on a burn cream that keeps the layers healing and guarantees no scars will form on my new boobs. I'm convinced Dr. G is part magician.

No driving yet. And after she explained why I'm OK with that. I do not have full movement of my arms yet, so driving would be dangerous. I have some lymphedema in both my arms, but we remain concerned with my left side where they removed the lymph nodes. My new lifestyle will include propping my left arm up above my heart as much as possible and wearing a compression sleeve. We discussed radiation therapy. She too is a fan of Dr. Song. She says he does exceptional work and does not alter tissue in "real breasts." After all as she put it, "they are half mine now." I continue to sit at home on my rump eating fruit instead of bon bons and whatching my beautiful TV, resting, napping, and healing.

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