shaved head

shaved head
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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Saturday, Jan. 22, 2011

I am amazed at how quickly the human body heals. I can walk around and move freely on my own. This morning I scrambled eggs for the boys and myself, and even folded a few pieces of laundry. Holy crow I tell you. My drains have hardly any fluid in them which means I have a very good chance of having them removed on MOnday. I have slowly been losing weight (and fluid I'm sure) and I am 2.5 lbs away from the weight I was when I began chemo. That is still some 40lbs overweight, but a goal none the same. Baby steps.

I miss staying at my parents' house. I got used to the comforts and the pampering. Aint none of that at home; not with two healthy boys and an overwhelmed husband. But it's still nice to be home with MY family. My boys are doing really well and I know they are happy to have me home. They no longer want to see my re-constructed body, which is fine with me. I wasn't sure I should show them in the first place, but they really wanted to know and it felt like they were letting their imaginations run away by not knowing. I hope this won't be a major topic with their therapists in the future.

The hair on my head continues to grow as does the black hair on my face. Can't I catch a break? However, the few botton lashes that held on through 6 rounds of chemo just fell out. What the hell? Top lashes holding strong and eyebrows slowly growing back in. No more chola look for yours truly. I'm finally losing the round, pudgy chemo face: Nice. My stiches are healed in my tummy and breasts, but the lymphectomy stiches continue to be very tender. The skin that bubbled on my breasts, due to the tape they placed on them, is pealing off and revealing a beautiful layer underneath. Dr. G says this is to be expected. I continue to be very pleased with my body. I'm even more pleased that Erich seems to be elated with my new body. That man has loved me through many bodily changes (weight gain and pregnancy) it feels good that this change is delighting us both.

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