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shaved head
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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Thursday, Jan. 20, 2011

Back home today. Mom dropped me off, shopped and cooked dinner for all of us before headin back home.
LAst Tuesday I saw Dr. C and Dr. G. Dr. C reported again to me that she removed 2 regions (a total of 18) of lymph nodes, 2 of which were positive for cancer. The fact that I had 2 positive nodes and a tumor sized at 6 cm, radiation therapy is a must. She refferred me to a radiology oncologist fromSt. John's hospital who she works with and highly respects. Dr. G took out 3 tubes (all from my chest) and left the 2 in my abdomen until MOnday when they should come out. When she took the small ones out it didn't hurt, but I gotta say the big tube smarted a bit when she pulled it out. She also took out the stiches in my new belly button, which I must say is a piece of art. It looks like a real belly button. I got the OK to raise my arms a little bit, ditch the pillows propping my head up and the ones under my knees. I can walk standing straight now although my stomach is stretched so tightly it feels like it might rip. I'm still in love with my new body. I was born to be a "c" cup. Every day I get stronger, have more energy, and am in less pain. In fact I am on just ibuprophen these days, no more vicodin. I plan to meet with my oncologist Feb 2, when we will talk about his recommendation for next steps. Then I make a decission as to which approach feels best to me. Radiation therapy in about 4 weeks, recovery, then second surgery, and more recovery....And the beat goes on....

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  1. You are a strong women! I am thinking and praying for you everyday! My son Collin had radiation during his first treatment. You've got this♥