shaved head

shaved head
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Friday, January 28, 2011

Friday, Jan. 28, 2011

I continue to heal nicely. My single drain will surely be able to be removed on Monday, it is hardly draining anymore. My breasts continue to hurt where the dead flesh was cut away. I assume that will continue for a little while longer. Please God, I hope she doesn't do that again. My stomach really is healed, at least the outer incision. I can see the pretty, thin line just under my mini tire. I ocurred to me yesterday, as I was looking in the mirror and noticing that my neck/chest area was smooth now, that she pulled that skin tight when constructing my breasts. Dr. G, you are a talented and generous woman! I'm still plagued with thoughts of; will I ever heal? But, I'm sucking it up and I'm resigned to the fact that it will take another two weeks to get over this hump. I can do it. Considering the alternative I can get through this, no problem.

Hair: Eyebrows grow in over night. It's amazing. I no longer have to pencil them in. Bottom eyelashes have sprouted, but seem to take their time in growing. Top lashes have thinned again, but also have many sprouting. So, do I go for Latisse? It's $125 for a tube that lasts about 3 months. I can't believe I'm actually considering the money aspect after all the crazy money that has been spent on medical bills thus far, but I am. Do I need it? No. Do I want it? Yes. The hair on my head is growing in, my eyebrows have grown in and I look funny without eyelashes. What a fabulous position I'm in that this is my biggest concern right now! I'm a lucky girl and every day I recognize that fact.

Weight has stablized. I'm slowly losing, but not very quickly at all. As soon as this drain comes out I will start walking. And, I need to get a compression sleeve for my weak arm. It's all good. :)

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  1. You're doing great...and keep up the fine work of cataloging your journey. You'll look back years from now -- maybe even your Fritz and Evan will too -- and you'll marvel at the very great distance you've traveled. Big ups, bravos, and blessings to you...