shaved head

shaved head
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Monday, January 17, 2011

Monday, Jan. 17, 2011: MLK BDay

Slept well last night. Had a hard time falling asleep, but slept in late. Erich claims I was talking in my sleep. I've had many nightmares since surgery, mostly guilt ridden dreams about my children like it's been my fault for getting sick. Erich took over the nursing details yesterday and we gave my mom a well-deserved break. So, Erich took to clearing my drains like one might take to cleaning a public toilet. He was so disgusted at first I thought I might have to do it myself, but ultimately he continued with much love. If I ever doubted my husband's love for me I do not anymore. The drains fill a bulb at the end of their tube. I have 5 drains in me now. Through the drains flow bodily fluids; blood, proteins, tissue, etc. When you pull the tubing off to empty the bulbs there is quite a bit of suction, as my mother found out the other day as she sent a bit of soggy tissue flying across my bed and landing on my pillow. Well, Erich experienced a similar situation only the soggy bit landed on him. Gross, funny, not for the faint of heart (sorry E). Oh man, we have cried some, shouted some, but laughed a whole lot through this journey. I laugh with a lighter load these days knowing the worst/hardest parts are behind me now. Tomorrow I meet with my surgeons.

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