shaved head

shaved head
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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Day 22: Day Before Last Chemo

So, here we are the day before my last round of chemo. I'm excited and so happy. BRING IT ON! I have had the most wonderful week beginning with my cheerful meeting with the oncologist (on Wed), then Thanksgiving, and my cousin Mike's wedding on Friday. I am feeling the love for my family and for the holidays. I hear my grandmother's words in my head, "Life is short," and, "What good is a large family if you aren't close?" I have never felt closer to my extended family than I do today. Illness has taught me to love, accept, and cherish my family for who they are. I feel I am a gentler, more accepting Riquel. I cannot look at my boys without welling up. They are still rambunctious hooligans, but they are my blessed hooligans and I love every crazy, energetic moment with them. I am happy and blessed to have a disease that is cureable. Thank you, God. I know this journey is not over yet, but for me the worst part is coming to an end (chemo). This round my sister-in-law will pick up the boys from school on Friday and keep them with her until Sunday. Erich is out of town from Friday until SUnday. My mother is picking me up on Thursday and taking me to her house until SUnday. I'm looking forward to the jacuzzi when my bones hurt. After the bad week I have the MRI and meet with my surgeon. Next Sunday at this time will be a happy day.:)

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  1. I look back at your archive and am amazed at how the time has moved forward at such a speed. August to Dec. months you’ll never forget I am sure Raquel. I am so pleased that you have almost used your illness as a way to embrace life so fully. you are a beautiful person...don’t ever forget that and we all just love ya.