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shaved head
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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Day 10: Round 5 Chemo...Follow Up Appointment With the Plastic

Met with my plastic surgeon again today. She took pictures of me in my underwear, oy. That's not a visual I wish on anyone right now. So, her assistant is looking for the first Friday available in January for surgery. A few kinks in the plan...1. If I need radiation therapy I cannot do the reconstruction. 2. I will need two surgeries to reconstruct my breasts, three if I need radiation. My understanding is that if my tumor after chemo is 5cm or larger, I will need radiation therapy as well. On a good note, however, according to the report of my last Cat Scan a few weeks ago my tumor was "non-existant." I have an MRI scheduled on Dec. 7th, oredered by my oncology surgeon, and that appearantly will tell us exactly what size the tumor is and where it is located. The second surgery is a follow up to the tummy tuck/breast filling surgery. In the second surgery Dr. Grunwald creates a nipple, pulls in the areola section even smaller, and lipos & restiches the ends of my tummy tuck scar so the result is flat and smooth. That's right, bring on the lipo. I'll take what I can get and I might just commission a tad more while she's there. I asked her today if it was possible to cover scar tissue with tattooing, she said it is it just takes more passes of the needle to get the ink dark on scar tissue. I'm thinking of a long thin vine, or mayan snake along my scar. I will confer with my friend Mike about this. Erich once forbade me to ever tattoo my body while married to him. My first reaction was to run out and do it then. Who tells me what I can and cannot do with my own body? That may be a juvenile response, but it was my first reaction. I brought up the possiblility of tattooing my scar and he didn't immediately say no. I want to wait and get comfortable with the end result of a scar that goes from hip to hip before I decide on the tattooing.

I'm pretty much back to normal. I will start excercising tomorrow. The plastic said eat lots of protein and work on my stamina. I gear up to go round 6 a week from MOnday. Oh baby, bring it on!

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