shaved head

shaved head
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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Wed., Dec. 22, 2010

Erich and I met with my plastic surgeon yesterday to go over surgery details. When I asked Erich what he thought of her, he replied, "She's hot." Very well then, glad he was paying attention to the important stuff. He did manage to ask her all the questions he had concerning my surgery and any complications that might occur. She assured him that she performs my surgery, a double DIEP trans flap reconstruction, about every other week. This surgery lasts anywhere from 10-16 hours and I will probably not be in my ICU room until midnight. Obvious concerns are with the anaesthesia and clotting in the brain or heart, but that is the worry with any procedure in which one is put under. She told us I would be put in leg compressors and that the nurses will move my limbs since I will laying still for approximately 12 hours. She told us that the nurses would get me out of bed to stand on the first and second days in ICU. Once I'm on the women's floor I may eat, shower, and walk to the bathroom. I will have 6 drains in me, 2 in my tummy and 2 in each breast. The nurses will teach us how to empty and record the amount of fluid before we leave the hospital. It sounds like I will be on my feet in 2 weeks. I can't drive for 5 weeks, but I can begin mild excercise in 2-3 weeks after surgery. I'm still so excited. Then of course the 2nd surgery, which will be done as an outpatient, will make me look pretty. I think Erich felt much better after talking to Dr. Grunwald. I don't think he's convinced he's gonna loose me on the operating table anymore. Hell, I'm not going anywhere now that I will have the body I always wanted.:)

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