shaved head

shaved head
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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Dec. 7, 2010

I'm horrified and sad at the passing of Elizabeth Edwards. It's easy for me to forget that breast cancer can be leathal. I am lucky and I am blessed.

My MRI went well this morning. I sat in my panties wearing a thin cloth gown that opened in front and barely went around me, thinking again that one size does NOT fit all, for about 15 minutes before I was given an IV line and ushered into the scan room. I was asked to climb up on a table, lay on my stomach and thread my breasts through 2 circular openings, while the tech held up a blanket under his chin (who's fooling who?). The indignities women go through! The MRI showed nothing we didn't already know; no tumors in the right breast or the lymph nodes, and the tumor in my left breast looks like swiss cheese after the chemo. It still measures 6cm. I will ask my oncologist what exactly that means tomorrow.

I met with my oncology surgeon, Dr. Chung, who met me with a hug. I just love her! We discussed her part of the surgery. We talked about 4 drain tubes stitched into my incissions (oh yuck). I chose to focus on the part about the "WOmen's Floor" I would recooperate in. Large private suites with flat screen TV's and WiFi. Yah baby! I like to think of it as a week away at Club St. JOhn's for rest and relaxation.:)

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