shaved head

shaved head
Channelling GI Jane

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Day 8: Round 2 Chemo...Another Bump In the Road

So, it all became clear to me last night why I was feeling so badly this round. Why even yesterday I had stabbing pains in my lower back and got tired by the end of the day. As the little pieces began to add up I found myself huddled in a ball on my bed, under a heavy blanket, and shiverring. I had a fever of 100.3, low grade. A damned bladder infection! I just knew it. Sure enough the doctor on call agreed and called my pharmacy with a prescription. Wow! Bladder infections for the normal gal are hell, but bladder infections on chemo are a whole different animal. This morning I'm a different woman. I will have to take the meds for a week, but already I can feel them doing their thing. I want to scream, what the hell? Will I get pummelled by every little thing along this journey through cancer? But, alas I know the answer to that question...yes. That is what chemo does. It strips the body of all its own defences. I'm adding to my list of NO's: No sushi, No shaving, No teeth cleaning...NO SEX! That's a big one for me, sorry Erich. But its time to battan down the hatches (no pun intended), hunker down and fight, fight, fight. I have been complaining a lot these last few days, so I am going to have a long overdue pedicure today with Stacey and Lupe. I'm excited to smell toxic nail fumes and flip through trashy magazines while kibitzing with a couple of my gals. Then, if I have the energy, I am taking my van to be washed inside and out. Those of you with small children understand what a luxury this task is. I am cherishing the little things today.

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