shaved head

shaved head
Channelling GI Jane

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Day 1: Round 2 Chemo

Good news! The BRACA (genetic testing for breast cancer) tests were negative. This is very good news for me; not so large of a chance I could get cancer in the other breast or in my ovaries. ALso good news for my mother, her sisters, and their daughters. I will discuss statistics of getting cancer in other breast anyway with doctor next Wed. Spent 5 hours today at the spa (chemo lab). I reclined in my lazy boy, draped my hand knitted prayer shawl around me drank 6 cups of water even though I received 2 liters through my IV, and read & watched tv. This time the Benedryl has made me sleepy and I was nauseated on the way home. I'm in bed now ready for the decline. My white blood cell count continues to be high, which is good. As long as I respond well to the Neulasta I will stay healthy through this process. Port hurts. In order to insert tack into it the nurse had to press down on my 1 week old incision. Ouch. By next week it will be healed and I can get it wet and lift weights. No hair loss to report today. I will go back tomorrow for 2 more liters of fluid and the Neulasta shot.

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