shaved head

shaved head
Channelling GI Jane

Monday, September 6, 2010

Day 22: The Day Before Chemo Round 2

I have found myself anxious and a bit depressed today. I'm not looking forward to another round of chemo but I have faith that it will be even easier this round because I am prepared with a few more preventitive meds this time. For instance, today I started Miralax, which I will take daily until day 9. This will prevent stool impaction, which took me down big time on day 3 last round. I also started a steroid (Decadron 4mg) that I take twice in the morning and twice at night the day before and the day after chemo. And, my nurse pratitioner, Mary Grace, added Protonix (Prilosec) 40 mg daily day before chemo until day 9 for acid reflux, which appearantly is to blame for the painful swallowing and digesting of food day 4 through day 7. So, I may not experience the GI Blues this round! Ah the little things. My port is no longer hurting unless I bump it in just the right place. Ooww. This is good because tomorrow they will stick what looks like a large tack into the skin covering the flat round drum to administer chemo, IV fluids, Benedryl, Xanax, and to draw blood. My head is basically bald now with a few strands of hair left. Erich wanted to shave it all off, but I just couldn't. Let the few soldiers stand til they fall on their own. Arm and leg hair still securely fastend. So, tomorrow at 10am Erich and I hit the "spa." I really love the down time and the attention my nurse and nurse practitioner lavish on me. It really isn't bad. Tomorrow at this time I will be 2 rounds down and only 4 more to go. The end is in sight! Tonight Frederich had another bad sinus headache where he cried himself to sleep. I dosed him with medicine, put him in my dark room, climbed into bed and rocked him to sleep. I'm so glad I was well enough to do that. It's times like this I am most thankful. :)

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  1. Oh Raquel, now i think I might have hugged you too tight in the arm sorry if I did..I didn’t even notice the bandage there...happy to help with the car..happy for both of us that I noticed it just in time ( the “traffic police” came by minutes later...yeah for the little things...meanwhile, I’m here and remind me again of what day you want me to hang out...the 10th? old tt’s memory is fading...