shaved head

shaved head
Channelling GI Jane

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Day 6: Round 2 Chemo...I Spoke Too Soon

I was blindsided Friday night and Saturday. I went dooowwwnnnn. The Claritan D doesn't help the bone pain enough. It feels like I have been beaten, but I need to move quickly all night long. Mom suggested a hot bath in the middle of the night (remember that for next round). This time my bladder fell apart. Imagine butane flushed through your bladder. That can't happen again. I will ask about pyridium to knock out bladder pain. So, Friday night was pain and sleep and sweats. Saturday was sleep from having been in so much pain Friday night. I must watch the 4th night and the 5th day and have lots of help. Erich fell apart alone, it's too big a job to care for me and care for the kids. I'm so happy to feel like I can sit up! I'm gonna watch soon television.

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