shaved head

shaved head
Channelling GI Jane

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Day 20: "Like a Hairless Chiuaua..."

Wow! Losing my hair at a rapid rate. I have huge patches of bare skin on my head. It's less like Sinead O'Connor and much more like Kojack. My eyelashes are falling out and that makes me really sad. A woman I was talking to the other day confirmed what I had been thinking for a few weeks: It's almost imposible to get fake eyelashes to stay on your lids if you have none of your own to brace them. Shit! Eyebrows are thinning but hanging in there. My nether region is barer than I've ever seen it. Why the hell isn't my leg hair falling out? I can't shave in case I cut myself and bleed to death. hey just get longer and darker. Not fair! Kim Kardashian was quoted as saying she waxes her entire body and is "like a hairless chiuaua." Now I understand what she means. The creepy port in my arm is slowly feeling better. Pretty much it hurts only where the incision is healing. When I raise my right arm I no longer feel the catheter wiggle in my chest. The site is still sore and I'm not thrilled that they wll use this port on Tuesday for my second chemo round. Otherwise I feel good, lots of energy, sleeping well, eating too well (I've put on 4 pounds-hope round 2 takes care of that), and feeling very happy and lucky. Today we are celebrating Frederich's birthday, so, gotta go. Who loves ya babe?


  1. "Who loves ya babe"? We and a whole lotta other folks. We got your back all the way so fight hard and fight strong!