shaved head

shaved head
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Friday, February 4, 2011

Friday, Feb.4, 2011

Oh boy! Woman down! I have this nasty little cold that has me coughing up green stuff and has taken my voice (which Erich says is a nice thing). That didn't stop me from looking at houses today, though. We found one we liked very much and are going to make a bid. So exciting. Next week I have a ton of appointments. Tuesday, I see Dr. Song, and Wednesday I see Dr. Tao and then Dr. G. I will make up my mind Wednesday night as to which radiology oncologist I will go with. I was given my perscription for Tamoxafin, but have not started taking it yet. I want to consult with the radiologists before I do. I have been eating only protein so my breast will heal before radiation and I'm scrubbing it with a washcloth every time I bathe (ouch). I can't wait until I'm healed.

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