shaved head

shaved head
Channelling GI Jane

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Wed., Feb. 23, 2011

Man down! Or woman down I should say. I arrived at Dr. G's at 11am last Friday happily hopped up on 1 vicodin and 1 valium, per her instructions. I have to say that's a very nice combo. I was reclining in her beautiful white leather medical chair, sipping a cup of green tea, and feeling the love from my meds combo, until she came to escort me into the surgical room. I quickly understood why she had me doped up. She had to close up a rather large area which meant detaching skin, pulling it, and stiching it together. Most of my left breast is still without feeling, but MUCH feeling is coming back I learned. She would be stitching along and Oh I feel that. It hurt, I was sore. I was told to take it easy and rest, but I didn't understand that meant I was to lay flat for a week. I over did it on Sunday and wound up with chills and high fever for 2 days. I'm now on antibiotics and starting to feel better. I will see both Dr. C and Dr. G on Thursday for check-ups. Radiation has been postponed until March 3rd.

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