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shaved head
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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Wed., Feb. 8, 2011

I met with Dr. Paul Song out of St. JOhn's in Santa MOnica yesterday. Nice guy, great bedside manner. Tall, young, and handsome! Anyways, it turns out my second opinion (out of Beverly Hills) is in his same practice and they have colleagues in my area. I chose a Dr. Williams out of St. Joseph's in Orange. He had no problem with my prolonging radiation another 2-3 weeks, so my breast can heal, and he thought 28 days of treatment would do it. Ah, an end in sight. I will meet with Dr. G this afternoon. I hope she doesn't cut me again. I'm so sore.

I'm still getting over my cold, which has got me coughing like a pack-a-day smoker. Ugh, and Erich came down with it, so I'm dragging my ass around and caring for him. Yesterday, I went to have my cancer meds filled (Tamoxifin) only to have my insurance company deny payment. My oncologist had to get on the phone and set some people straight. In the end they paid for it. Gotta love Blue Cross. Life continues to be good though. I think we bought a house. Won't know for sure until today. I'm so excited I'm jumping up and down. Erich is doubled over with ulcers, of course.:)

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