shaved head

shaved head
Channelling GI Jane

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Day 11: Blood tests

Checked in with my nurse practitioner today. Drew my blood. White blood cell count is 14,000 (great), hemoglobin count 14.3. Blood platelettes at 308,000. My counts are high which means the drug Neulasta (the shot I receive the day after every chemo infusion) is working really well for me. I have been cleared to have my teeth cleaned on 9/30. 2nd chemo set for Sept. 7, and 3rd chemo set for Sept. 30. I'm told that I will receive another scan after the 3rd infusion to see how much the tumor has shrunk. As soon as it is small enough I can have surgery to remove the breast, maybe both, and reconstruct them. Again, I feel great today. Chances are I will continue to feel great until my next chemo. Tried to color my roots this morning cause as long as I have hair it won't be gray! Color didn't take. hhhmmm and grumble.

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  1. wow Raquel, things sound as if they are going really well with the treatment and the fact that you are progressing so well just goes to show what a trooper you are...warm thoughts from two houses you. c