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shaved head
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Monday, August 16, 2010

Aug. 16, 2010: First Day of Chemo

I started chemo today. Actually in my case it is called neoadjavent therapy. I have a 3-5 year old cancerous tumor in my left breast. The doctors tell me it is about 10cm in diameter, which means it is too big to operate on right now. I am to receive a lovely cocktail of Taxotere and Cytoxan (referred to as TC by those in the "know") every three weeks until the tumor shrinks to an appropriate size for surgery. My doctor tells me 4-6 doses should do the trick.

I arrived at my appointed time and was led to the chemo room which is large with approximately 50 chairs and a couple of private rooms. Each chemo recliner is equipped with two side tables, a television, WiFi, a telephone, and an extra chair for any company you may bring. As I reclined; holding my book in my left hand and being infused in my right arm I was offered drinks and snacks. Maybe it's because I have 6 and 7 year old boys at home, but I had to keep reminding myself that I wasn't at a day spa. Is that taking my positive perspective too far? I spent 4 hours in the office today. While receiving liters of fluids, benedryl, xanax, and TC intravenously I was educated on my chemo; the process and the side effects, and on nutrition. Prevention is the name of the game! It is important to stay healthy, stay away from sharp objects, raw food (that means NO SUSHI!), and sick people. I will return tomorrow for more intravenous fluids and a shot to boost my white blood cell count. So far, so good.

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  1. My darling friend, Help is just a door away...wether it is a shoulder to cry on, food to buy, kid(s) to take off your hands (for a little while!) or a ride to your treatments, you know I am here and I am offering my help on whatever I am able to do. You will triumph with this just as you have done with everything you do. This will only make you stronger and live more fuller I am sure and “the small stuff” will become insignificant. Your life is a blessing and a gift...YOU are a blessing and a gift...lotsa love...TT