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shaved head
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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Aug. 3, 2011: Life Lessons

I'm grappling with a head cold that has left my brain plugged with muccus. Through this haze I have picked out some nuggets of wisdom I have learned this past year.

The key to happiness:
A) First, you must choose to be happy. No one else will do that for you.
B) Forgive everyone who has ever hurt, humiliated, or traumatized you (including yourself) and let that pain go.
C) Finally, love your life. And if you can't love every nuance of it (I struggle with the cranky kids, housework, and cooking), then find aspects of it to love and endulge. Some of my favories are music, being with friends and family, being alone with my husband, designer sunglasses, and playing with my boys.

What has cancer taught me?
A) To surround myself with loving friends and family- with their love and strength I can conquer anything.
B) Ask myself "Why NOT me?" I'm learning to get through tough shit with as much love and grace as I can and to take note of life lessons I've learned. They are always imbedded in "tough shit."
C) Don't be afraid to live. My Mama said, "life is short," and it really is.

A final thought (I'm not sure which category it should go in); if you find someone especially hard to love- love them all that much more.:)

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